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Digital Growth Summit
Discover the secrets that the top leaders in the industry are using today to grow their business HyperFast!
Alongside 30 Trusted Industry Leaders from Real Estate, Marketing, and Coaching...
You’d get the HyperFast Agent
Digital Growth Summit.
Not only have Dan Lesniak and Keri Shull, the Billion Dollar Real Estate Agents, produced this summit to educate and coach YOU how to build your real estate business HyperFast…

...They’re offering it completely FREE.

Whether you’re just getting your real estate license or you’re one of the top real estate agents in the country (or anywhere in between), register today and you’ll access ALL the training completely free.
The HyperFast Digital Growth Summit 
4 days. 30 industry experts. 1 goal. 
To learn the inside secrets of HyperFast Growth from live interviews with industry leaders like... 
Ryan Serhant
Billy Gene
Pat Hiban
David Osborn
and more...
Here’s what the training includes
Marketing and Lead Generation
This is the lifeblood of any business. Yes, profitability matters. Yes, efficiency matters. But you can’t cut your way to growth. You need to learn how to reach more people, bring them into your audience, and stay in front of them.
Sales and Conversion
Getting in front of people is not enough. Marketing alone will never create a profitable business. For HyperFast growth, you need to learn the fastest way to convert more prospects into sales.
Systems and Strategy
True growth requires scaling. You need to recruit, train and hire the right people and have the right systems for them to work within. You can learn this by trial and error but that’s not the HyperFast way. Compress the time it takes by learning directly from experts who have already scaled at a high level.
Money and Mindset
No matter what level you are at in your business... you will face challenges. You need a winning mindset to get from where you are to where you’re going. And along the way, you need to get your money right so you can build multi-generational wealth.
  • ​ 100 Tips and Strategies from Dan's Best Selling Book, The HyperLocal HyperFast Real Estate Agent
  • ​ Keri's reality check analysis, which helps our team close hundreds of buyers each year
People have told us we’re crazy to give this digital summit away for free. After all, we’ve held shorter training events before that people paid thousands of dollars for... so I know you must be wondering: what’s the catch?

There is none.
We’ve achieved wealth through real estate.
And now we want to help others do the same thing because we believe IMPACT is greater than INCOME.
But we do have one slightly selfish reason for hosting this summit. We LOVE to learn from the top experts in sales, marketing, and business. (And we spend a lot of money to find the very best training.)

So putting together this digital conference gave us the chance to learn from some amazing leaders, and share that experience with people like you. To us, that’s 1000 times more valuable than any registration fee we could charge. 
Ryan Serhant
Learn how to brand and how to sell from the leading member of one of the best real estate teams in the world.
Billy Gene
The world’s leading authority on video marketing will show you how to market your brand with video.
Hal Elrod
Hal is the New York Times best-selling author of The Miracle Morning. He’ll teach you how to win the day by winning the morning.
David Osborn
David has built over 100 streams of horizontal income, and he’ll show you how to build wealth through passive income streams.
Abbey Gibb
Abbey will train you on how to use media to grow a business and a personal brand.
Rock Thomas
Rock is a self-made millionaire and Life Coach. He’ll train you on mindset and time management.
Michael Hellickson
Learn how to overcome objections from the former real estate agent who consistently listed and sold over 100 homes per month for 20+ years.
Ricky Carruth
Ricky sells over 100 homes a year as a solo agent. He’ll teach you how to sell on the phone.
Pat Hiban
Learn how to build and train a team from the leader of the Pat Hiban group, who also interviewed 800 of the top real estate agents on his Real Estate Rockstars podcast.
Charlie Engle
Charlie is a world-class ultra marathon runner who will teach you how to inspire yourself and others – and push the boundaries of what you thought was possible.
Sharran Srivatssa
Sharran built a real estate business to $3.5 billion dollars in just 5 years. Do you want to get the listing every time? Sharron will show you his methods for doing exactly that.
Jennifer Hudye
Learn how to create a vivid vision from the entrepreneur who has coached Joe Polish, Dean Graziosi and Brendon Bruchard.
Sam Khorramian
As the CEO of Big Block Realty, Sam has recruited hundreds of agents. He’ll share his recruiting secrets with you.
Tristan Ahumada
Tristan has sold hundreds of millions in real estate volume. He’s also the co-founder of Lab Coat Agents, the most influential real estate group. Tristan will show you how to use Facebook groups to get a stream of new clients.
Nick Baldwin
Automate your real estate business so you can create lasting deep relationships and crush it with lead follow up! 

Christina Daves
Learn how to turn clicks into customers from the Founder of PR for Anyone®, which got 873 million views and over 8 figures in sales from free publicity last year!
Jeff Latham
Jeff, President and Founder of Latham Realty Unlimited, will teach you the mindset that helps him sell and invest in hundreds of homes each year.
Noah Ostroff 
Noah is the CEO of one of the largest Keller Williams franchises, and runs multiple businesses. He’ll teach you how to take your business to the 7th level so you can enjoy freedom of time and money.
Matt Fagioli
Matt, Founder of the Xplode Conference Series, connects real estate agents with technology and marketing capabilities. Matt also founded the 501c non-profit corporation 1000Dwellings. Matt will show you how to Xplode your business!
Daniel Ramsey
Daniel has helped thousands of agents hire virtual assistants. He’ll show you how to use VAs to create more efficient processes and expand your business.
Barak Sky
Barak will lead his team to over $100M in sales this year. He’ll teach you how to use video marketing and Instagram to get more repeat and referral business.
Greg McDaniel
Greg is a veteran agent, a real estate trainer, and the host of the Real Estate Uncensored podcast. Greg will teach you how to get clients from a variety of sources, from phone calls to podcasts.
Kristin Brindley
Kristin is a serial entrepreneur who will teach you how to use obstacles as opportunities.
Tessa Jelten
Tessa is a top real estate agent who uses Instagram to connect with thousands. She’ll show you how to use social media to generate over $500,000 a year in commissions.
Dale Archdekin
The Founder of Smarts Inside Sales will teach you how to dominate setting appointments on the phone.
Matt O’Neill 
Matt sells over 400 homes a year. He’ll teach you how to convert more prospects into clients with personality profiling.
Jen Cudmore 
Jen is an international Alignment Coach to high-impact leaders across the world. She’ll teach you how to get the alignment in your business and life that will allow you to perform at the highest levels.
Grant Wise
As Founder of Real Estate Marketing University, Grant has helped over 1,000 business run successful Facebook ads and follow up campaigns. He’ll teach you how to generate more leads on Facebook.
Dan Grieb
Dan Grieb sells hundreds of homes for builders with his Home to Sell Program – and he’ll give you an inside look at how he does it.
Jake Dreyfuss
Jake runs the 5AM club, which has helped hundreds of business owners. Jake will teach you how to make smart, strategic business decisions.
and more!
Sam Khorramian
Big Block Reality
San Diego, Ca
Ruth Krishnan
The Krishnan Team
San Francisco, Ca
Matt O'Neill
Matt O'Neill Real Estate
Charleston, SC
Noah Ostroff
Philadelphia, PA
Alex Granger
The Keri Shull Team
Arlington, Va
Jeff Latham
Latham Realty Unlimited
Arlington, WA
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  • ​ 100 Tips and Strategies from Dan's Best Selling Book, The HyperLocal HyperFast Real Estate Agent
  • ​ Keri's reality check analysis, which helps our team close hundreds of buyers each year
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